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Support Team

Our Support Team are strategically located around the world so that at least one is always online to respond to your requests.

Latest Hardware

With AMD Ryzen and Epyc CPU and DDR4 RAM, our servers run well. Premium plans run without lag.

Experienced Team

We are experienced System Administrators with 3+ years of experience. Your server(s) are safe with us.

Huge Community

Advertise and grow your server in our Discord server to 7k+ members.

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VPS Hosting

Ryzen 9 VPS Hosting starting at £4/month

Premium Plans

Premium one-time plans at OptikServers starting at £6.99
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What People Say About us

For a free host, it is quite amazing. Not much downtime and if there is, it is back up quick. I host my Discord bot using this host, and would like to start using their other app hosting! I am very pleased with this host and suggest it to anyone with a budget.


United States

So far, it's been a very good experience, because of the way it's been reworked from Quackhost, the nodes shouldn't go down nearly as much, and you still start with a pretty good amount of resources. I do believe that this host will make it past the 6-month point and most likely even past the 1-year point.


United States

Good Host so far performance is really good compared to other host, only waiting for ways to earn coins and buy resources from it :) .